ROOFMASTER Flat roofing experts will provide the roof diagnostics, prepare roof condition survey, make repairs in minimum time period, using appropriate materials and following all safety rules.

In most problem cases, the water is penetrating through soft roofing. When water gets under the membrane, it can travel far before causing visual damage or leakage, therefore, it is not easy to find the source of a leak to fix it.

Moisture damage to building structures, recovery after the poor quality refurbishment, production downtime or idling periods – it all costs money. Therefore, the roof waterproofing materials and equipment must be assessed with particular care.

We offer to provide roof diagnostics with only in Baltics innovative roof inspection kit ROOF PRO.

Advantages of ROOF PRO

  • Three different sensitivity level of different roof membrane and insulation thicknesses;
  • Leak Tracking option for quick problem source determination;
  • Determine insulation damages;
  • Diagnostic operating depth in roofing to 15.24 cm.

When sending us your request, please attach photos with soft roofing problem areas and a brief description. Repair work will be provided whatever the weather, except in high outside precipitation. Soft roofing repairs can be made in both summer and winter.

Liability insurance of EUR 300 000