Cast iron castings production building, Biķernieku street 18, Riga

Building description/customer:Production type building / SIA Sperre Baltic

Area: 1200 m2

Location: Biķernieku street 18, Riga

Works performed: Roof insulation/renovation

Period of work:September 2017

The works were carried out in parallel with providing the building for economic activity.

The works were carried out during the winter period.

The following were completed within the project:

  • roof covering preparation, cleaning
  • disconnection and dismantling of ventilation equipment
  • dismantling of tin parts
  • construction of roof structures
  • installation of the expanded clay layer forming the slope
  • insulation of the roof covering with stone wool Paroc 150 mm
  • melting of the underlay of bitumen roll material using business class material UNIFLEX EPP
  • melting of the bitumen roll top cover using business class material UNIFLEX EKP 5.0
  • installation of new water drains and heating cables
  • construction of roof deflectors
  • assembly and sealing of new tin nose elements