Daudzdzīvokļu dzīvojāmās ēkas (3 gab) Olainē

Area:2880 m2

Location: Kūdras 14/ Zemgales iela 34/ Zemgales iela 47 Olaine

Works performed: Re-roofing

Period of work: January 2022 – April 2022.

The following were completed within the project:

  • Dismantling of the old roofing
  • Restoration, leveling of the concrete panel covering
  • Priming of the concrete surface
  • Melting of the underlay of bitumen roll material using business class material UNIFLEKS EPP 4.0
  • Melting of bitumen roll top deck using business class material UNIFLEKS EKP 5.0
  • Restoration of ventilation chimneys
  • Assembly and sealing of new tin nose elements

The roof restoration works were carried out in parallel with the operation of the building, preventing precipitation from entering the building and not disturbing the comfort and peace of the residents.