"RESA Treatment Limited" SIA, Ganību dambis 31, Riga

Building description/customer:Komerceka SIA “RESA Treatment Limited”

Area: 3392 m2

Location: Ganību dambis 31, Riga

Works performed: roofing renovation works

Period of work:2016

The works were carried out in parallel ensuring the economic activity of the building.

The following were completed within the project:

  • Roof covering preparation, cleaning;
  • Dismantling of old parapets;
  • Roofing repair;
  • Melting of waterproofing in two layers;
  • Manhole treatment, frosting;
  • Tin parapet assembly;
  • Melting of aerators;
  • Surface priming of concrete areas of roofing;
  • Bitumen mastic Primer 20L
  • Bitumen mastic Technomast 20L
  • Installation of internal drains.