Multi-storey building, Meža street , Jaunolaine

Building description/customer: Apartment building, SIA “Zeiferti”

Area: 1300 m2

Location: Meža iela 5, Meža iela 9, Meža iela 12, Jaunolaine

Works performed: roofing waterproofing works

Period of work:2016

The works were carried out in parallel ensuring the economic activity of the building.

The following were completed within the project:

  • Dismantling and preparation of the roof surface;
  • Restoration/concreting of roof concrete elements;
  • Priming of the roof surface;
  • primer – Siplast Primer
  • Laying the roof covering in two layers;
  • Bottom deck, Villa Tex Top EPP 3.5
  • Top deck, Villa Tex Top EKP 4.5
  • Installation of rain gutters
  • Tin trim for parapets;
  • Replacement and installation of tin droplets