LIAA, Perses iela 2, Riga

Building description/customer: Office building, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia

Area: 398.00 m2

Location: Perse street 2, Riga

Works performed: roof repair

Period of work:2016

The works were carried out in parallel ensuring the economic activity of the building.

The following were completed within the project:

  • Dismantling of damaged roofing;
  • laying expanded clay for leveling the roof base and creating slopes;
  • Installation of heat insulation underlay;
  • Installation of thermal insulation cover;
  • Sealing of ventilation shafts;
  • Installation of roof ventilation aerators and internal roof drains
  • Installation of roof underlay, top deck;
  • Sealing of bases for advertising spotlights;
  • Assembling concrete slabs for the base of air conditioners
  • Parapet insulation
  • Dismantling of wooden doors
  • Manufacture and assembly of galvanized tin parapets and metal doors.