Roof management

Properly applied well-managed roofing will last much longer. Timely detect and prevented defects will help to avoid unnecessary waste of money.

As the experience shows, the owners or technical managers of commercial buildings, in most cases, climb on the roof only in technical necessities or maybe even in cases of technical emergency, not as in a preventative procedure. However, timely detected and prevented damage significantly reduces the total cost of roof maintenance!

Roof management is one of the prerequisites for the longevity and comfortable climate of building your company is growing in. Properly applied and surveyed roof will last much longer!

ROOFMASTER offers the service for local governments, legal persons, building owners and managers.

We have created a set of services to help maintain the roofing in order to save your time and money.

Your benefits from collaboration with ROOFMASTER:

  • Qualitative roof management;

  • Roof condition monitoring and supervision;

  • You will not have to look for roof repair specialists;

  • Work and material warranty up to 10 years;

  • Renovation of the roof and insulation;

  • Problematic node repair;

  • Snow removal from the roof;

  • Roof gutter, drainage change and cleaning.


Entering into a management contract, you will receive up to 75% discount on the Roof diagnostics!

Liability insurance of EUR 300 000

We are waiting for your application!