Roof management is one of the prerequisites for you to feel safe and comfortable in your building. A properly applied and inspected roof will last much longer!

We have created a set of services to help maintain the applied roof in technical order and save your time and money.

Most likely, you have also climbed on the roof only in case of emergency, when it is already a necessity, and not a preventive measure. However, early detection and prevention of damage significantly reduces the total cost!

Why is it necessary to perform roof management?

Regular inspection of the roof reveals all problem areas. Timely repair of the roof prevents the possibility that the roof-bearing structures will be damaged, which will shorten the life of the roof and lead to higher repair costs.

During management, our specialist pays attention to:

  • for the cleanliness of drains;
  • for holes on the roof covering;
  • for the condition of roof elements (e.g. snow supports);
  • for roof connections.

We offer a management service:

municipalities, legal entities, building owners and managers.

Why we:

  1. The leader in laying flat roofs in Latvia.
  2. Practical management experience on fusible roofs since 2002.
  3. Professional roofers in the state, over 65 qualified craftsmen during the season.
  4. Own machinery, transport, tools and roofing materials.
  5. Own developed internal quality and management system.
  6. 93% of customers satisfied and continued to cooperate with us.
  7. The total area of ​​renovated roofs exceeds 1,500,000 m2.
  8. We work throughout the territory of Latvia and beyond.
  9. Work experience was also gained while working in Norway, where there are very strict work safety and quality standards, which are later applied in Latvia as well.
  10. We will perform problem solving works in accordance with construction regulations.

We give a guarantee of up to 10 years for all our works, depending on the material and service you choose.

The works are insured under civil law for EUR 500,000

We are waiting for your application!


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