Correct and high-quality roof restoration will ensure low maintenance and repair costs in the future. Roof restoration is a service in which we specialize.

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What kind of roofs do we restore?

Our company deals directly with flat roof works, starting from the creation of the structure up to the laying of the covering. The creation of a roof covering includes many aspects that ensure long-lasting thermal insulation, waterproofing and other factors important in operation.

We restore roofs for flat-roofed multi-storey buildings (building societies/house managers), industrial (warehouses, factories, supermarkets), public (kindergartens, schools, office buildings, state and municipal buildings) and other objects.

What factors should be paid attention to when installing a roof?

  • For the selection of materials

It is not enough if the material seems sufficiently beneficial to the client in the development of the project. Only an industry specialist will be able to recommend the most suitable and the highest quality materials, also finding the most financially advantageous offers. The laying of the roof and its result will depend on the chosen materials. We work withfor bitumen roll materials,For PVC and TPO membranesandpolyurethanefinding not only the highest quality, but also the most suitable and profitable solutions for each situation.

  • For object specifics

Each object also differs in technical details, so it is necessary to evaluate all the nuances so that the roof covering is laid according to the specific case.

  • For functional properties

When installing flat roofs, their application should be taken into account. The solutions will differ if the roof is also intended for walking. We will help you realize the possibilities and solutions for the roof functionality you want.

  • For technical details

We will not only explain the most important nuances to you, but also make sure that they are taken into account in the process of laying the roof.

  • Construction regulations

All roof works are carried out based on construction regulations, which ensure not only organized documentation, but also a safe and high-quality end result. You don’t have to worry about regulatory manual searches. Our specialists are familiar with all requirements and standards.

  • Climatic conditions

We adapt all solutions to the climatic conditions of Latvia, for which we have found the most effective solutions over the years. We monitor the heat and humidity characteristics of each used material. This attention to detail has translated into testimonials that you can read on the website.

Why us?

  1. The leader in laying flat roofs in Latvia.
  2. Practical management experience on fusible roofs since 2002.
  3. Professional roofers in the state, over 65 qualified craftsmen during the season.
  4. Own machinery, transport, tools and roofing materials.
  5. Own developed internal quality and management system.
  6. 93% of customers satisfied and continued to cooperate with us.
  7. The total area of ​​renovated roofs exceeds 1,500,000 m2.
  8. We work throughout the territory of Latvia and beyond.
  9. Work experience was also gained while working in Norway, where there are very strict work safety and quality standards, which are later applied in Latvia as well.
  10. We will perform problem solving works in accordance with construction regulations.

It is easy to get confused in terms and technical explanations, so request a consultation with our team of specialists, and we will answer all your questions, as well as explain the process and basic principles of roof restoration!

We give a guarantee of up to 10 years for all our works, depending on the material and service you choose.

The works are insured under civil law for EUR 500,000

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