Roof repairs are not limited to repairing defects and restoring them in case of wear and tear. Roof
 also include the installation of terraces, roof gardens, as well as providing additional thermal insulation or waterproofing, basically, these are any final works and improvements.

Roof repair

There are various possible reasons for roof defects and damage – poor quality of roof installation work
and use of inappropriate or low-quality materials in the roof repair process, the quality of which
does not match the current operating conditions. The most common reasons for roof repair work include

  • Roof leaks;
  • Catastrophic accidents or natural disasters;
  • Insufficient heat insulation;
  • Insufficient waterproofing.

On the other hand, the most common types of damage to flat roofs, which we encounter every
day during the roof repair process, are several:

  • Surface damage – occurs due to the use of roofing and insulation material that is not designed for installation at low temperatures. In some cases, defects are associated with overheating during installation work;
  • Local holes, cracks, cuts – occur due to careless handling of the roofing material and non-observance of its installation technology. Sometimes damage may occur during the transportation of material to the job site;
  • Peeling of the material – occurs during installation, due to poor preparation of the work surface. For example, dirt, dust and abrasive particles have not been previously cleaned from the surface of the flat roof;
  • Swelling and wrinkling – occurs due to poor contact between the insulation material and the work surface. Moisture penetrates under the canvas and evaporates when heated. As a result, steam rises, forming defects in the coating;
  • Coating wear – occurs as a result of high mechanical stress or as a result of natural wear and tear. Most roll materials are not designed for walking or moving heavy objects on their front surface.
  • Lack of regular maintenance also causes minor and critical damages that require immediate roof repair – perhaps it was an accident or simply the “age” of the roof – Roofmaster’s team of specialists is ready to help with roof repairs, as well as to ensure that your roof repairs will be carried out with high quality .

Types of roof repair – what are they?

  • Local roof repair – local works that are carried out when small defects and damages are detected in the roof plane. Basically, a partial replacement of the damaged roof covering, delamination and bubble removal is performed;
  • Major roof repair – is a complete replacement of the current insulation layer and roofing material, including a full cycle of surface preparation for the subsequent laying of a new coating. Capital repairs are based on the presence of various types of damage, more than 40% of the total area of ​​flat roofs. Unlike local works, major repairs require more investment.

In order to prevent damage to the roof covering, it is recommended to carry out a planned inspection of the front surface of the roof. When problems are identified, it is important to decide how to carry out repairs to prevent further

Roofs that we repair

Roofmaster’s professional team performs roof restoration of bitumen roll , PVC and polyurethane
roofs for high-rise buildings (apartment residential/non-residential buildings), industrial
(warehouses, factories, supermarkets), public (kindergartens, schools, office buildings, state and municipal
buildings) and other objects.

What kind of roof repair do we offer?

We offered the repair of soft roofs, bitumen roll materials, PVC and polyurethane flat roofs
throughout Latvia.
Roof repairs are easier and faster in the case of flat roofs. In most cases, dismantling the old waterproofing material is not necessary at all. It is enough to repair the damage to the old covering and, if necessary, apply the new layer. However, there are also cases when the old layer is too uneven or worn out, then it is recommended to level the pavement by laying a thin layer of stone wool and covering it with a new bituminous roll material pavement.

What to pay attention to before starting roof repairs?
Before carrying out roof repairs, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • The thickness of the roof thermal insulation;
  • Condition of the existing roofing;
  • Functionality of the water drainage system;
  • Functionality of ventilation systems;
  • The specifics of the flat roof, the number of outlets, etc.

You have to think not only about the technical factors of the roof, but also about the functionality of the specific roof. The cost of roof
repair will vary greatly depending on its technical condition and functionality.

What materials do we use in roof repairs?

We work with bitumen roll materials, PVC, TPO and polyurethane membranes. We are the official
distributors of the world’s most popular manufacturers of roof repair materials – NEXLER,BORNER,ICOPAL,
TECHNONICOL, finding not only the highest quality, but also the most suitable and profitable
solutions for each situation. We work according to the latest technologies, with innovative, modern
materials. Roof repair requires special skills and knowledge.

Roof repair service includes:

  • Object assessment and conclusion – before starting the roof repair, a roof expert will survey your object and make an opinion on the necessary measures for qualitative and operative problem elimination, as well as take a photo fixation with an opinion on the necessary measures for qualitative operative problem elimination.
  • Identifying potential roof replacement problems and recommending the best solutions – before any construction work is carried out, Roofmaster professionals will identify the main potential problems that could arise in long-term operation. We will find and recommend the best solutions so that you do not have to face repeated problems in the operation of roofs in the future.
  • Specialist consultation and answers to uncertainties – our specialist team cares about customer trust and work understanding, therefore we will provide the necessary consultation and answers to your questions. You will not have to worry about the process of changing the roof, because our specialists will explain the meaning of the necessary processes and the course of events, as well as the service life of each proposed solution.
  • Choosing the most suitable materials for changing the roof – in changing the roof, the choice of the most suitable roofing materials plays an important role. In this case, not only the customer’s opinion should be taken into account, but also the conformity of the material to the specifics of the roof. Factors such as climate, building location, functional characteristics and successful long-term service are also important. We will recommend you not only the highest quality and most appropriate solutions, but also the most advantageous solutions for you.
  • High-quality roof replacement, in accordance with construction standards – our professionals work according to the highest quality standards, observing not only care and responsibility for the work to be performed, but also the established construction norms. Roof repairs will be done accurately and without unnecessary complications, preventing potential problems in the future.
  • Promptly completed roof replacement – the work will be performed not only qualitatively and professionally, but also promptly, saving your precious time. The processes will not be unnecessarily prolonged, so the final result will be achieved faster than expected, without losing quality.
  • An excellent end result – summarizing the above benefits, we undoubtedly arrive at an excellent end result, which will meet both your expected vision and all technical details, so that the object will last for a long time and without complications. It is in our interest to fulfill your desire for a safe, high-quality, functionally correct constructed roof and to show that changing the roof can also be a pleasant process! We meet with the client twice, the first time when we determine the condition of the roof and the problem, we discuss possible solutions. On the other hand, we meet for the second time when we show high-quality, technologically correctly constructed works and sign the act of handing over the works.

Roof repairs – why leave it to the Roofmaster team?

  • The strongest company in laying flat roofs in Latvia;
  • Practical experience of roofers on flat roofs since 2002;
  • Professional roofers in the state, which exceed 65 qualified craftsmen during the season;
  • Professional roofers in the state, which exceed 65 qualified craftsmen during the season;
  • Own equipment, transport, lifting tools and roofing materials located in the Riga market, immediately available roofing materials of various types and manufacturers;
  • Direct distributors of roofing materials of the world’s leading manufacturers – NEXLER, BORNER, ICOPAL, TECHNONICOL;
  • We are trusted by the largest companies in Latvia – “SIA Rimi Latvia”, “SIA MAXIMA LATVIJA”, “SIA Realto”, the largest municipalities of Latvia – Rīgas ūdes, “ASLatvenergo”, VAS “Valsts nekustamie eskusumi”, a large number of building managers such as “SIA Rīgas namu parvaldnieks”, and the street shares a Latvian construction company;
  • Developed internal quality and management system ISO – 9001:2015 Quality, 14001:2015 Environment, 45000:2018 labor protection;
  • 95% satisfied customers who continue further cooperation with us;
  • The total renovated roof area exceeds 1,850,000 m2;
  • We work throughout Latvia and the Baltic States;
  • Certified specialists such as construction managers, construction supervisors, roof experts and technologists work in the company;
  • Work experience was also gained while working in Norway, where there are very strict work safety and quality standards, which are later applied in Latvia as well;
  • We will perform problem solving works in accordance with construction regulations.

It is easy to get confused by the terms and technical explanations of roof repair work, so apply for a consultation with our specialists, and we will answer all the questions you are interested in, as well as explain the progress of roof repair work and recommend the most suitable solution for you.

We give a quality guarantee for all works up to 10 years, depending on the material and service you choose, all works are insured under civil law in the amount of EUR 500,000, if necessary, we take out a CAR insurance policy (Construction All Risks Insurance) for individual objects.

All company specialists have:

  • Employment certificate and concluded employment contract;
  • Professional work suit for summer and winter;
  • Professional work tools from the world’s leading roof industry manufacturers (NEXLER,BORNER, ICOPAL,TECHNONICOL);
  • Professionally equipped work car for each team;
  • Work safety specialist, State employees;
  • Individual and work safety protective equipment issued according to the roof specification;
  • Access to the Roosfmaster online internal project management system (the customer has the option to provide access, photo reports from the objects upon request);
  • Certificates for performing work at height;
  • Slinger and other necessary certificates.

It is important to remember that roof repair is not limited to defect prevention and restoration
in case of wear and tear. Roof repairs also include the provision of additional thermal insulation or waterproofing
, basically any finishing works and improvements. Minimal costs can be invested in roof repair work
, but there will never be a guarantee for such work, it is for a period, so we
recommend repairing the entire roof as a minimum, and covering the roof with waterproofing as a maximum.
A roof installed well and with appropriate technology will last for many years, which is a good investment
for the future!


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