The project contains information about the general requirements for the roof structure, its materials, construction technologies, assembly works and their organization.

What kind of roofs do we design for?

We design flat roofs for multi-storey buildings, commercial and industrial (warehouses, factories, supermarkets), public (kindergartens, schools, office buildings, state and municipal buildings) and other objects. The project documentation is developed by a certified architect, taking into account the current construction standards, goals, location of the object, requirements for its operation.

How are the design stages?

  • Collection of information. If it is planned to replace the roof orrepair, a roof specialist comes to the object and evaluates the characteristics of the building, the load-bearing foundations. The roof for a new building or object is designed, taking into account the already created project documentation, as part of the entire structure.
  • Choosing an architectural solution. At this stage, both the architectural solution and the construction and design solutions are determined.
  • Calculation of requirements for load-bearing structures. They can be made of wood, metal, reinforced concrete bases. The project documentation describes their durability characteristics, installation procedure and justified choice of constructive solution.
  • Roof construction design. Determines the characteristics of the enclosing construction: heat and waterproofing indicators, ventilation of the under-roof space, vapor barrier. Roofing can consist of insulation, waterproofing, vapor barrier films or membranes, windproof films and other materials.
  • Roofing. It is selected according to the appearance requirements, taking into account the operating conditions. Industrial objects with a flat roof can be usedBitumen rolling materials,PVC and TPO membrane ,tin roofing.
  • Development of specifications, equipment, estimates. An accurate list of materials and components for installing the roof, their costs, and work costs are calculated.
  • Organization of assembly and construction works. This part of the project contains information about the requirements for the equipment used, delivery time and recruitment of qualified personnel.

Designing a roof is a complex process that requires considerable engineering expertise, so
professional roofers are involved in the design. Poor quality roofing can affect the reliability of the entire building. Therefore, such a task can only be entrusted to true professionals in their field.

We guarantee the expected costs in roof construction, as well as energy-efficient and economical roof constructions.

Why us?

  1. The leader in laying flat roofs in Latvia.
  2. Practical management experience on fusible roofs since 2002.
  3. Professional roofers in the state, over 65 qualified craftsmen during the season.
  4. Own machinery, transport, tools and roofing materials.
  5. Own developed internal quality and management system.
  6. 93% of customers satisfied and continued to cooperate with us.
  7. The total area of ​​renovated roofs exceeds 1,500,000 m2.
  8. We work throughout the territory of Latvia and beyond.
  9. Work experience was also gained while working in Norway, where there are very strict work safety and quality standards, which were later applied in Latvia as well.
  10. We will perform problem solving works in accordance with construction regulations.

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