Snow can often turn into a big danger both for those around you and for the roof itself – its covering and roof structure. Therefore, we offer snow removal from roofs, which will be performed by our professionals, ensuring all safety measures!

Why is it necessary to remove snow from roofs?

Snow and ice can stress the roof, cause damage to it and, if it is poorly constructed, even destroy it. Cleaning snow from roofs is necessary in order to prevent all possible problems and not to endanger the people around, as well as vehicles. If the flat roof is used for purposes such as setting up a garden or terrace, snow removal is also an essential necessity.

Snow removal services

  1. Complete cleaning of the roof from snow on the entire perimeter of the roof surface from icing, icicles and gutters. The roof will be completely cleared of snow and ice.
  2. Economic cleaning of roof edges and snow pockets . We will clean the roof from icing, snow and icicles, thus preventing the risk of the roof of the building being overloaded, as well as preventing danger to pedestrians and vehicles.

How is the roof cleared of snow?

Our specialists use the best and highest quality snow removal methods and clean roofs with professional snow removal shovels. Important: do not forget about timely diagnosis of roofs!

What kind of roofs do we clean snow on?

We clean snow from the roofs of flat-roofed multi-storey buildings (building societies/house managers), industrial (warehouses, factories, supermarkets), public (kindergartens, schools, office buildings, state and municipal buildings) and other objects.

Why us?

  1. The leader in laying flat roofs in Latvia.
  2. Practical management experience on fusible roofs since 2002.
  3. Professional roofers in the state, over 65 qualified craftsmen during the season.
  4. Own machinery, transport, tools and roofing materials.
  5. Own developed internal quality and management system.
  6. 93% of customers satisfied and continued to cooperate with us.
  7. The total area of ​​renovated roofs exceeds 1,500,000 m2.
  8. We work throughout the territory of Latvia and beyond.
  9. Work experience was also gained while working in Norway, where there are very strict work safety and quality standards, which are later applied in Latvia as well.
  10. We will perform problem solving works in accordance with construction regulations.

Important: do not forget about timelyroof diagnostics/roof management!

The works are insured under civil law for 500,000 EUR!


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