Terms of use

  1. General terms

1.1. If the consumer (hereinafter also the Buyer) purchases goods/services through the
website, then such mutual agreement is considered to be a distance contract and is subject to
the legal norms of the Republic of Latvia, which regulate distance contract, including, but not
limited to, the “Consumer Rights Protection Law” of the Republic of Latvia, regulations of
the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia “Regulations on distance contracts”, etc.

  1. Making purchases

2.1. The prices and specifications of the goods sold in the online store (hereinafter referred to
as “Goods”) are indicated next to the goods.
2.2. To place an order, add the desired goods to the shopping cart.
2.3. Fill in all the required fields and choose the most suitable method of delivery or receiving
the goods. The total cost of the order with delivery is then displayed on the screen.
2.4. Make payment for your purchase to complete the order.

  1. Goods

3.1. Images of the Goods provided in the online store are illustrative in nature. Despite the
fact that the Seller makes every effort to display the Goods as accurately as possible, the
Seller cannot guarantee that the Buyer’s device screen will accurately reflect the colors of the
Goods. The Buyer understands that the Goods may inconsequentially differ from their
images. Likewise, images of the Goods displayed in the online store may show additional
accessories or components of the Goods that are not included in the packaging of the sold
Goods. The Goods are considered appropriate for the offer if it corresponds to the sample,
model and/or description provided in the online store.
3.2. The packaging for transportation of the goods may differ from the one shown in the
images of the online store. Changing the packaging of the Goods to ensure proper and safe
transportation of the Goods does not change the Goods and/or its characteristics and/or
functions specified in the online store.
3.3. The Seller has the right to determine minimum and/or maximum order quantity for a
specific product in one order.

  1. Payment terms
    4.1. The settlement currency on the website is Euro.
    4.2. The purchase can be paid for by choosing the following payment methods provided by
    the payment platform makecommerce.lv, Maksekeskus AS:
    4.2.1. Latvian internet bank payments: Swedbank, SEB, Citadele and Luminor;
    4.2.2. Visa/Mastercard payments.
    NB! Using online banking payment method, confirm the order and click “Return to the seller”

4.3. Personal data required for making payments are transferred to the licensed payment
institution Maksekeskus AS and are processed in accordance with this contract and the
privacy policy of SIA “RST Company”.
4.4. The contract comes into force upon successful payment to the bank account of the online
store. If for some reason it will not be possible to fulfill the order, the Buyer will be informed
about it and the amount paid will be refunded as soon as possible, but no later than within 14
(fourteen) days after receiving notification from SIA “RST Company”.

  1. Delivery terms

5.1. The goods are delivered in the territory of the Republic of Latvia.
5.2. Purchased goods are delivered via courier or it is possible to receive the goods at the
Seller’s warehouse at Trikātas street 10, Riga. All duties and taxes to be paid in order to
receive the shipment at the delivery destination are responsibility of the Buyer. Shipping costs
are displayed before the order is confirmed.
5.3. If the Buyer has chosen delivery of the Goods to the desired address, the purchased goods
are delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer within 1 (one) to 7 (seven) working days
from the day of receipt of payment. In exceptional cases, we have the right to send the goods
up to 45 (forty-five) calendar days, informing the customer about this.

  1. Right of withdrawal

6.1. The Buyer has the right to refuse the goods within 14 calendar days from the moment of
receiving the goods. (Depending on the goods, the buyer may not have a mandatory right of
withdrawal, in which case the reason must be clearly indicated and explained). The right of
withdrawal is not applicable if the Buyer is a legal entity.
6.2. The consumer is responsible for maintaining the goods’s quality, packaging and safety
during the period of exercising the right of withdrawal. If the goods are damaged, if the original
packaging of the goods is lost, or if its packaging is significantly damaged, the online store has
the right to reduce refundable amount according to the decrease in the value of the goods.
6.3. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, you must submit a withdrawal form, which
can be found here, by sending it to the e-mail address [email protected] within 14
(fourteen) days after receiving the goods.
6.4. The buyer bears the costs of returning the goods, except in cases where the reason for the
return is non-compliance of the goods with the order (for example, a wrong or damaged goods).
6.5. The Buyer is obliged to return the Goods to the Seller without delay, but not later than
within 14 (fourteen) days after sending refusal form to the online store. After receiving the
returned goods, the online store shall immediately, but not later than within 14 (fourteen) days,
refund the payments received from the buyer for the goods based on the Distance Contract.
6.6. The Seller has the right to withhold payment until he has received confirmation of return
of the Goods from the Buyer. If the reason for return of the goods is related to non-compliance
of the goods with the order (for example, a wrong or damaged goods), if the Buyer has chosen
a different shipping method than the cheapest shipping method offered in the online store, the
online store is not obliged to compensate the excess shipping costs.

6.7. The online store is not responsible for delays in the fulfillment of obligations or their
non-fulfillment, or other types of non-fulfilment, which have arisen due to circumstances and
obstacles that are beyond reasonable control of the online store.
6.8. The online store reserves the right to refuse to sell the goods and to demand return of the
goods from the Buyer, if the price indicated in the online store is significantly lower than its
market price due to an error.

  1. Consumer rights for non-conforming to the contract goods

7.1. The online store is responsible for non-compliance of the goods sold to the Buyer with
the terms of the contract or defects that occurred within 6 months after the day of delivery of
the goods to the customer, or existed at the time of delivery, if such an assumption does not
contradict characteristics or deficiencies of the case. The buyer must inform the seller about
non-conformity of the goods immediately, within 2 months after its detection, i.e. submit a
complaint. The buyer can file a complaint by contacting the online store by writing to
[email protected] .
7.2. The online store is not responsible for defects that occurred after delivery of the goods to
the Buyer. If the purchased goods have defects for which the Seller is responsible, the Buyer
has the right to request elimination of defects in the goods or exchange for new goods free of
7.3. If it is not possible to repair or replace the goods, the Seller returns to the Buyer all
payments provided for in the Distance Contract. The Seller shall provide a written response to
the consumer’s complaint within 15 (fifteen) days from the moment of its receipt.

  1. Force majeure

8.1. The parties are released from responsibility for full or partial non-fulfillment of
obligations of this Contract, if their non-fulfillment is due to force majeure circumstances,
including changes in international agreements, laws, binding regulations of the state or local
government or international organizations/institutions, decisions of the state or local
government, fire, natural disaster, strikes, military aggression, insurrection, and other similar
circumstances that are independent of the Party invoking them and did not arise as a direct or
indirect consequence of the Party’s action or inaction.
8.2. Circumstances of force majeure shall not be considered to be such circumstances that
have arisen as a result of the relevant Party’s action or inaction, which the relevant Party could
or should have reasonably foreseen or prevented. Force majeure or extraordinary circumstances
do not include weather conditions existing in the territory of Latvia, their seasonality and the
types and amount of precipitation characteristic of them, as well as the relief characteristic of
the geographical location. It is not permissible to refer to the effect of force majeure
circumstances if the Party has not properly fulfilled its contractual obligations until occurrence
of force majeure circumstances.
8.3. The parties undertake to take all necessary measures to minimize damages that may result
from force majeure.
8.4. The Party must immediately, but not later than within five working days, notify the other
Party in writing of the occurrence of force majeure circumstances, including a detailed
justification of how and to what extent the force majeure circumstances negatively affect

fulfillment of the obligations of the Contract, otherwise the reference to force majeure shall be
considered unreasonable.
8.5. Upon confirming the occurrence of force majeure circumstances, the Parties agree on the
necessary actions to mitigate impact of force majeure on the performance of the Contract.

  1. Processing of personal data of the buyer

9.1. Online store processes only personal data which was entered by the buyer when ordering
goods, such as name, surname, e-mail, etc.
9.2. Online store transfers personal data to the transport service provider(s) to ensure delivery
of goods.
9.3. If you have expressly agreed to receive our marketing communications, including news,
we may contact you from time to time with information about our services and the latest offers.
For this purpose, we may process your email address that you provided when signing up for
marketing communications. The buyer has an option to opt out of marketing communications
by notifying us by writing to [email protected].

  1. Dispute resolution procedure

10.1. The Contract and all disputes and claims arising from the Contract or related to it,
including non-contractual disputes, shall be governed by the laws of Latvia, without regard to
the provisions on conflicts of laws.
10.2. The parties resolve all disputes between the Seller and the Buyer through mutual
negotiations or correspondence. If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation or
correspondence, the Parties will resolve the dispute in a court of the Republic of Latvia.
Disputes between the Buyer (consumer) and the Seller can be referred to the Consumer Rights
Protection Center or a court of the Republic of Latvia for resolution.

  1. Final provisions

11.1. If one or more provisions of the Contract cease to operate, other provisions of the
Contract remain in force, as long as invalid provisions of the Contract do not make their
execution impossible.
11.2. In matters not stipulated in the Contract, the Parties act in accordance with the laws and
regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia.