Waterproofing works is one of the most responsible steps in construction. In this stage, the reserves of building sustainability and longevity is laid, the different threat assessment is made, as well as the weakest places of the structure are disclosed. Ruberoid roofs applied with heating with a gas burner. Works of Waterproofing coating main target is to protect your roof from water penetration into the structure, as well as materiāla norobežošana no mitruma postošās iedarbības. The performance of these tasks is very important in the places with the higher level of moisture. We will make waterproofing for foundations, balconies, terraces, basements and roofs. We guarantee high quality of works that will not require re-montage!


We give guarantee to 10 years.

We have liability insurance of EUR 300 000.

We are waiting for your application!


Flat roof covering repair works with roofing felt